pitot covers for every application

Why take the risk of human error leaving pitot probe covers in place? DeGroff Aviation is the first and only company to develop pitot covers that self-disengage if left in place prior to takeoff.


The first and only self-disengaging pitot cover for light general aviation aircraft.

Hot PitotShield™

For high-altitude airline and corporate turboprop and turbofan fleets, these revolutionary pitot covers protect probes but self-disengage prior to takeoff if missed during pre-flight.

High Visibility Pitot Cover

Classic, high-visibility, durable poly covers for round and blade-type pitot tubes on commercial and general aviation aircraft.

High Visibility Bootie Pitot Cover

Daytime contrasting vinyl booty-type pitot covers with reflective tip for nighttime recognition. Fits most commercial and general aviation pitot tubes.