About DeGroff Aviation

Since 1985, DeGroff Aviation Technologies has been bringing together product development and pilot experience to create expertly-engineered products for airliners, corporate turbofan and turboprop aircraft. Leading the way among our aircraft safety products is our full line of pitot covers – including the innovative, patented PitotShields™, Fail-Safe Pitot Probe Covers and our new, patent-pending Hot PitotShields™.

Aircraft systems today are nearly fail-safe – most accidents are due to human error. Yet one of the riskiest phases of flight remains the takeoff, where a properly functioning pitot-static system is critical.

DeGroff Aviation Technology is the first and only company to design and manufacture pitot probe covers that use multiple modes of disengagement if left in place prior to takeoff. Our products help reduce human error, save lives and eliminate costly aborted takeoffs.

Our company founder, Dr. Steven DeGroff, is an instrument-rated private pilot who flies over 100 hours per year for professional transportation and family outings.